From today onwards the shopping on L'Autre Chose website is temporarily disabled.

Over time, this space has allowed us to inspire you, to tell you about a world enriched by the magic of a refined touch and elegant aesthetics. Magical shapes and colors that have sculpted the history of Made in Italy.

Today we choose to use this space to tell you once again about our story. Not the story of an end, but the iconic and precious one that we have shared with you until this day.

L'Autre Chose was born in the heart of the Marche region and has spoken to the whole world. It has coated it with freshness and elegance thanks to those who, like you, have worn L'Autre Chose values, enchantment and the idea of femininity.

With creativity and savoir-faire, we have pursued a sophisticated ideal of excellence and today, we greet you with the pride of having contributed to make the prestige of Italian manufacturing flourish around the world.

Together, we have written the most wonderful pages of our story, and we look forward to returning soon to start a new chapter together.

Thank you!