Founded in 1959 by Boccaccini Senior, L'Autre Chose S.p.a. is a well-recognized and established fashion house worldwide, starting from USA market, engaged in the design, production and distribution of high-end shoes brands. It's based in Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the Marche region, the heart of the most important Italian shoes district.

The company started as a small family business but with a prominent position amongst the footwear designers of the Marche region, thanks to the particularly sophisticated style and the use of innovative materials.

In 1987, Alfredo Boccaccini decided to combine an intimate knowledge of the product with his own passion, creating the basis for the birth of a new collection under the brand L'Autre Chose.

Any l'Autre Chose product is truly unique as it represents the result of the perfect balance between research and tradition, the elegant mix of refined and raw materials, the pleasant harmony of the French allure with an Italian touch and offers tough contemporary shapes and colors.

In 2013 started the new collaboration with Sator Private Equity Fund (Sator), which acquired 49% of the Company, to foster the business growth.

Since then significant investments have been made in the retail channel by doubling the mono-brand stores and strengthening the Company's management. On August 2016, Sator acquired the majority, reaching 84%. With the acquisition of control, Sator appointed Alice Carli as new CEO of the Company, to lead the new phase of the brand’s international expansion, and Francesca Romana Sabatini as Chairman.

Quality, Style, Colour


The L'Autre Chose style can be defined as feminine, innovative, contemporary and essential. Ordered with a twist. Known for chic aesthetics with free approach to life, from leather to silk print, from the crafts details to the essential silhouette.

The extraordinary capacity of craftsmen to make a real Made in Italy product is completely engaged to satisfy creativity, innovative style and constant research in materials and shapes.

The first Ready-to-Wear Collection was launched in 2005. The RTW represents the second leg of the brand and contributes, season by season, to build up the brand image as a global brand. In addition, the Company is reinforcing the product offer integrating the collection assortment with leather goods and boutique accessories.

The company since 2014 began developing the project of the bags. The materials used are always unique with an Italian touch. It is a growing segment and on which the company is focusing.